“Large Lara”

Dutch Model Lara Stone recently spoke with U.S. Vogue about what it’s like to be a “Larger Model.”  She’s a size 4…

“It’s depressing when the clothes don’t fit and you are always the odd one out.”

“It’s like, come on, she’s a woman; whether you’re buying jeans at the mall, or wearing couture, you know what it’s like for clothes not to fit…  It’s not an easy kind of rejection, because it’s very personal. It’s you, your body. You take it to heart…  People still tell me I’m fat, but when I look in the mirror, that’s not what I see.”

According to reports, Stone had to overcome diet pills and a drinking problem which she developed as a coping mechanism in order to see herself for who she really is.

I know that some people have little sympathy for a size 4 model who’s considered “fat” but think about it–it’s a very difficult thing to be rejected by your industry or anything you’re passionate about simply for being who you are.

When is this sizing madness going to end?



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    Is this a joke! Come on.

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