Bey Does it Again!!

My BFFIMH (Best Friend Forever in My Head… Duh!) Beyonce (Who else?!) has done it again!

With the release of her highly entertaining workout video aimed at getting today’s youth moving towards healthier lifestyles for the Michelle Obama, “Let’s Move” campaign, Bey is motivating all of us!

LOVES  it!!



One Response to “Bey Does it Again!!”

  1. Tha MzButta Says:

    WOW… I can’t believe you’re gone. I am devastated and in complete disarray. Although I didnt know you personally… I could always feel your amazing personality and energy. Your spirit was warm & welcoming and I will truly miss you and your inspiration. It seems like some people are taken before their time and this for me is one of those cases… Im sure that God has something else in-store… I just wish it could have been down here on earth. At your age, I will say this… You have left an impeccable mark on quite a few people I guess thats all a person can hope to do in the end. I hope your death was not tragic, but peaceful… I hope that your transition was easy and I pray for you husband, family, friends, colleagues and all the other people that share the same love that I have for you. I am begging that God can let your soul rest in peace. I hope that your legacy will live on until the end of time… Many will try and most will fail… There will never be another like you. ❤ Butta Tha Bombshell (Your Fan)

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